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19 November 2014
competitiveness_18.11.2014_1“The next EU Challenges in front of thе Bulgarian Economy” – this was the topic of the tenth edition of the series of conferences devoted to the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy, traditionally organized by the Economic Policy Institute in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation. The high level forum, which took place on November 18, 2014 in Kempinski Hotel Zografski, was also supported by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria.
14 November 2014
programa_evropa_13.11.2014_1The final outcomes from a project entitled “Sofia Grows Smart – Good Practices Fostering Sustainable Local Development” were presented within a public discussion on November 13, 2014. The project, implemented by the Economic Policy Institute, sought to identify the opportunities for taking a full advantage from the economic potential of Bulgaria’s capital by emphasizing on the necessity for application of a diversified approach of local socio-economic development.
06 November 2014
pyw_november_1What skills have to possess the young people in Bulgaria in order to successfully realize at the labour market? How to develop our personal skills and to obtain the necessary knowledge? What are the prerequisites for successful realization? How to be effective in the communication and to develop ourselves? – these were only some of the questions, discussed during the 10th jubilee edition of the student seminars series Paving Youths’ Way -  “Personal development and skills for successful realization”. The tenth students’ forum was held in the period October 31 – November 2, 2014 in “Druzhba” Hotel, Bankya and for a consecutive time it gathered a various group of 34 students, who represented 9 Bulgarian and 3 foreign universities.
05 November 2014
technical_meeting_1On October 27, 2014 the contract for the implementation of the project "Your municipality works for you. Enabling the effective advocacy of the civil organizations in the dialogue with the local authorities" was officially signed. The project is financed by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 ( and its main goal is to encourage the more effective participation of the NGO sector in the processes of formulation of policies and decision-making.
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The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is a non-governmental, politically independent and  not-for-profit organization, founded on 12 May 1997.

The mission of EPI is to support the efficient membership of Bulgaria in the EU and country’s participation in the global economy and thus to contribute to the overall transformation and development processes in South Eastern Europe.

EPI's primary tasks are:

• to conduct economic research and provide interdisciplinary analyses of key economic and socioeconomic trends;
• to elaborate on and advocate alternative approaches in the field of economic policy and specific economic sectors;
• to encourage independent expert opinions and introduce best practices;
• to bring experts together to explore issues and exchange views in order to generate innovative proposals for practical economic policy measures;
• to provoke public discussions on a wide range of economic and socioeconomic issues and thus inform and influence policy- and decision-makers and the society.